Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Will Stay Here in Joy

Day 8 Joy #reverb11

A past fraught with pain;
that is my past;
a future full of fear;
that is the future;
this moment is not past
or future.
I will stay here,
in this moment,
in joy.

There were 52 Friday nights in 2011, with two full moon Fridays. Which shall I choose? Just about every one brought me joy. There will be 52 Friday nights in 2012, with three full moon Fridays; how can one complain? Friday rarely disappoints, and if she did, she would be forgiven.


  1. well, you know i am smiling now. :)
    here's to joy. and friday.

  2. I'm in! nodding my head in recognition and giving thanks that we can, we will continue on. jo


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