Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who We Are

Who am I?  Scintilla day 1

The Overwhelmed Annalist

Who are we?

We are the waking; taking our first full breath.

Breathing in, we are the blending of all books,
the scribbling pencil points,
the overwhelmed annalists listening for the silence
between crow caws and motorcars.

Breathing out, we are this that is not named.

Breathing in, we are the gathering of grace;
the last scribes in the retinue, tallying the miracles,
illuminating manuscripts of unseen symphonies from
early morning mockingbirds.

Breathing out, we are this that is not named.

Breathing in, we are all that ever was.

Breathing out, we are all that ever will be.

Breathing in, we are.

Breathing out, we.

Breathing in.




  1. yes, all of us, we are this.

    love the image.

    beautiful words, as always. and lately i have been working on the gathering of grace.

    and now i miss my mockingbird, i haven't seen/heard him yet this year.

  2. You knocked this first prompt out of the park, Michael. I just love it. Your words are beautiful as always and I know that this is the first of many stunning responses to the prompts.

  3. As someone who is breathing shallow, anxious breaths today, I really needed this post to remind me who we are. Your writing moves me incredibly and I cannot wait to read the rest of your Scintilla responses.

  4. I have been gone from these pages for too long. You never disappoint. Great post, as always.

  5. i've read this 2or 3 times just now , and once earlier this morning with unseen mockingbirds as background music. their words would be so much better than any i have.

    they, i think, would sing you their understanding.

    gorgeous imagery. and great image.

  6. There is an impact to this that made me cry. Not in an upsetting way, but in soul-touching way. I so love this.

  7. I love this. I knew coming over i was going to love this and i did. Every last breath of it.

  8. Breathing in, we are all that ever was.

    That line is a meditation. Thank you.

  9. That's exactly 120% right ... we are just breath.

  10. Gorgeous. I love the idea of blending...breathing in. LOVELY.

  11. i am in awe of your writing talents.
    in fond regard, tilda


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