Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still Dancing

Written Receipts for Paid Attention

The whispering muse
requests your prescience
for the dance of life
occurring at this moment.

Life is heavy loaded on my shoulder in the long shadows of late November; my cottage is cold, and quiet in candlelight, but out beyond the gate, our ancient mother calls me to the dance of dayend.  Just before the sun sets behind the line of tall pines, I, in my winter wool, walk out into the silence, to stand still on my step, as the wood wind begins.

Curled, crisp oak leaves, like field mice, skitter and click across the cobblestones, beneath leafless locust branches that sway in hypnotic joy, as the senior silver maple joins the whispering rhythm. A kettle of vultures’ allemande left, above the east valley branch, seems like silhouettes of graceful angels in the air. Beyond their flight, clouds circle from the north in silence surrounding, miming the sun’s last rhyme. The waxing moon, the soloist on this stage, rises slowly, softly, higher into the vault of heaven.

Beneath the woodwind’s whisper, I join the dance as the circle's still center, while the unseen symphony, the ancient mother, whirls around me. I am the still, steady beat of breathing in, breathing out. The still dancing.

A flutter of dark-eyed juncos trill, and scratch at the pine needle floor, searching, in this day's last light, for the last sunflower seeds of the season; the dance slowing into winter rest, listening close, attuned to the still breathing in, and breathing out. Still.

This is part of Kelly Letky’s birthday celebration of life; to see more celebrations visit Mrs.Mediocrity 


  1. up early, i am called here first, and thankful for that call. the wood wind begins. i can see you here, see the breaths in and breaths out, see the leaves skittering across the field. see the celebration of silence and sunset and scratching for supper. the stuff life is made of, so often overlooked.

    but not here. here you see.

  2. I smiled all the way through this. It is filled with all of my favorite things, filled with life.
    Thank you so much for being here to celebrate life with me. xo

  3. Oh my, this delights my soul in every way. Absolutely beautiful, Michael!

  4. Wow, your words were so descriptive that I felt as though I was right there experiencing the moment with you.

  5. your words make this moment come alive. beautiful.

  6. you never fail to move me...far away from the constraints of this body that i inhabit...to a place where I am standing right there next to you. breathing in. breathing out....

  7. So beautiful and simple. Hopped over from Kelly's Celebration and grateful I did!

  8. This writing touches every sense.
    Best read by an open fire, with a glass of Pedro Ximenez sherry and small squares of fine dark chocolate, methinks.
    Lovely to have you join us at #reverb12.
    See you upon the morrow!


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