Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Day

one small stone in a riverbed of stones; day10

This Day ~ A Drama in Four Acts

There is one moment, in the frosted hour before dawn, with the full moon melting, moving low, in the west behind the tall line of pines, with the fog facade on the eastern valley trees, before the crow caws the morning message, before obsculta in the deep silence is overwhelmed by the white noise of aeroplanes and motorcars. There, in that full circle surrounding, I can turn in any direction, take a moment, take a breath, and begin this day. That moment, when the fullness of nature nods knowingly, and wakes the world. That is my moment.



  1. That is your moment. This piece is your jewel. That first sentence is pure music.

  2. we are yin and yang today. i want to know this moment, your moment. this is music i can move to.

  3. If you were music, Michael this would be a symphony...

  4. Michael, this is my favourite of all of your small stones thus far. It's absolutely beautiful. Your moments is bliss.

  5. Your moment is delicate and beautiful. Savor it for all of us.

  6. Yes, this is so key to find. I feel I'm always searching for silence in this noisy city. You remind me that it's our duty to seek it out; it's always there for us.


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