Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Colony Collapse

Journal Entry, April 7, 1861:

Colony collapse has finally hit the hive.

It appears that Fort Sumter is the final fuse;
I can hear the explosions before they even begin.
Am I among the many
that ask themselves;
is this all I have learned;
birth and death, and birth and death,
and birth.
Is this it;
all I could learn.
Born again and born again;
I long to be born anew;
to stop repeating the same words,
the same ideas,
the same thoughts.
Every five seconds; a thought, a rememberance,
an idea; perhaps that sounds impressive,
but it is only a chattering
in my mind,
in my sleep,
in my waking;
every five seconds.
A new idea; no.
A new thought; no.
The same thoughts, the same ideas,
the same learning that did not work yesterday.
Seventeen thousand thoughts a day.
Is this all I have learned;
is this all we have learned.
Another war; another one
to blame, to hate.
Will we ever be born anew?

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