Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Day 13: Fear  #reverb11  

Back when you were drowning,
 I dove into the deep end,
 pulled you to the surface,
 where you could catch your breath.
 Now that both of us
 have our heads below the water,
 I fear you’ll finally find
 that I never learned to swim.


  1. I fall in love with your writing a bit more each day. I can't explain what this made me feel. It made me feel something. Fear? Curiousity? Both.

  2. Perhaps there is a great fear of our loved one finding our weakness when we used it to be a strength. I love this.

  3. this is great! i am smiling, although i think perhaps i shouldn't be. but dear god, it rings so true that i can't help it. secrets.

  4. oh, perfect. you ARE a poet.

    don't we all have that same fear, buried somewhere inside of us? that's what makes it a perfect poem.


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