Saturday, December 3, 2011

reverb11: A Moment in Time

Day3 - A Moment in Time - one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.

There is only one moment in time; this one. Books will tell you that; I can tell you that; even the internet, which never lies, can tell you that. Do not, for one moment, believe it; find out on your own if there is only one moment. Don’t listen; live it. Logic is my lantern; I listened, I believed, but I never lived it before this year. This year, I actually stopped.



 Do not move.

 Be mindful. Eye full. Ear full. There is the moment in all its beauty, or banality. Just because we savor a moment never makes it nirvana; it is what it is, which is you, in a moment, a universe in a universe, ad infinitum.

This was the year I started to stop, savor, and set to paper every seemingly insignificant aspect of a moment. 2012 is the year I will do that every day, at least once a day; it will make all the difference in my art, my outlook, my life. It will change my world completely. You can believe it. I never lie.


  1. I am inspired by this. I want to do this too. Thank you for this.

  2. Beautiful! It's so fun to savor moments after they happen, to play with them once more, to examine them from different angles and see if they are still as lovely and potent.

    As Anais Nin once wrote: We write to taste life twice.

    See you tomorrow. :)

  3. This was a beautiful way to remind us all to be mindful of the very moment that we are in, because this moment will never happen again. Love it!

  4. you reminded me of an old zen saying - don't listen to what they say. go see. and there is so much out there to see. truth.

  5. It's the hardest lesson in life to learn, I think. And the most valuable one.
    Here's to beautiful banality.


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