Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Ride the Side Roads

#reverb13 Day 14: Decisions

What was the best decision you made in 2013?
This is why I ride the side roads.
 Sunrise on Friday, December 13 on Price's distillery road, near the burnt hill road.

 This year, one of my best decisions was to change my Jeep's GPS navigation setting to "avoid highways". This may seem trivial, yet it has made such a difference in my day; I have slowed down, and found such treasures off the interstate that have immensely inspired my creative life. Try it for a week; life is not about how fast we can get to the end of the road.

 In summer, I ride the side roads, beyond the babble and chatter of the cobblestone cities, not within earshot of their rain parade. My fanfare is a forecast of crows, and the salutation of crickets. I am poor of pocket, and still I sit front row for the full thunder moon, eastern toad, grey tree frog, firefly, and cicada.

 In winter, I walk the same roads, slower than in other seasons, as the verglas trees caution me to be steady in my step. Unaccustomed to travelers, the whitetail deer, the barred owl, and the redtail hawk do not fear me; they stand straight and sentient in my presence, as we are, each and all, equal.


  1. Poor in pocket, rich in heart. Just look at those gems. That deer is the perfect sentinel.

  2. Wow, yes. I think this is the best answer I've seen to this question. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.

  3. You have inspired me to take more side roads in life.
    Thank you. x


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