Saturday, December 7, 2013


#reverb13 Day 7: Reveal yourself. “Selfie” was selected as 2013 Oxford word of the year; post your favorite picture of yourself from 2013.

I haven't taken a selfie in 30 years, and I thought I was so "hep to the young crowd" trends. I've looked back over this year and only find a couple pictures of me, none of them a selfie. I’ll do my best to get with the trend next year, but for now, here are the two photographs taken of me this year, and some selfies from the 80s, when we were still using film. Those photographs are from a period when I was painting selfie portraits.

This year, on Grace Street at Easter,
 and on Federal Hill at Thanksgiving, with some of my favorite girls.

 Selfies before selfies were all that.


  1. Woah! You are one handsome fella... and always have been!
    I love your taste for the dramatic too. x

  2. Fun! Loved seeing the selfies from the film days!

  3. Why do I get the feeling that in the second picture from the top you're saying something completely smart-assed?

    1. I think I'm telling my 14YO daughter something wise about why she cannot have her way at that particular moment; yep; she would agree: smart-assed,

  4. Love the collection of photos and would really like to see some of your portrait paintings.

  5. I love seeing this span of you through the years, so many facets of your personality shining through. You are as striking as your words.


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