Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Building the Broken Heart

Scintilla Project. Day10. Broken Hearts
U. Building the Broken Heart

Prints available: http://goo.gl/rbmlV

    Always on the equinox, he arrived with sheets of dreams; single-space, a black and blueprint of promises; of this time I will; this time I can.  And every time, he disappointed the every heart’s desire; the black and blueprint promises a tower, built with black and blue bits of broken heart.


For more information: scintillaproject.com


  1. black and blueprint...
    these are magical.

  2. You have totally kicked this challenge in the ass. Every post is phenomenal, I mean it. Great. Like Kelly said: black and blueprint is just so perfect.

  3. I'm also in love with "black and blueprint".


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