Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Friday, finally: Beach Bundle

I am a day late for Free Friday this week; I was at the ocean with my girls, and stayed off the internet, which was not difficult, due to the spotty wi-fi. I am not very good at relaxing on the beach, especially when it is crowded. As I said (in character) last week, I avoid the babble and chatter of crowds. That irritates the girls, but it is probably a bit late to change my reclusive ways, though they try each day.

So, here are a few beach images for your free use; cigarette cards again; you know I love these little cards. These are images I used in a “Beach Bundle” project last year. Give the image a click or two to download the hi-res file, and then dive in. I will be back tonight or tomorrow with a new post; I was able to find a few quiet moments of creation, amid the recreation.

We are the lucky, the blessed, on this beach; the breeze blowing away the day.
Wish you were here. J'ai souhaité que tu étais ici.


  1. These are wonderful images, Michael, thank you! I hope the beach wasn't too busy - I can't bear it when there are loads of people around me in a place which should be calm and serene; their noise, smells and inconsiderate ways. So you can tell your girls that you are not unusual!

  2. I, like my mother, prefer the beach in the winter and fall...strange I know, but I like the bluster and the foam and the empty beaches and the darkangry lonely water...and of course, the gulls and sandpipers....yes....the sandpipers with their feathers blown back, leaving their tiny tracks on the smoothed sands.

    Thank you for the pretty beach bundle and the French. I don't know what you said, but it sounded nice...

  3. These are terrific. Thanks for these great images!


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