Friday, July 2, 2010

FreeFriday: The Waltz

This week, I offer for your consideration and free use in your projects, the graphics that I used as part of an assemblage called “The Waltz”. I have moved the elements a bit so they are more usable separately. It might even make a nice bookmark. If the waltz steps seem a little odd, it is because I have added a circling movement to the dance. I am rather fond of circles. My text, which also accompanied an earlier oil painting, reads:

We could see them,
from the parlor,
where we wavered with the waltz;
children dancing,
in the garden,
to the rhythm of the world.

Have a happy holiday weekend, and dance to that rhythm.


  1. Oh my...this is delicate and it so. Just love it.

  2. This is totally awesome.. thank you!
    I find it ironic my father was in the 35th US Calvery.. also was an artist.
    I found you on my bloghopping link on my blog, and thought I was here last week.. did you have a music video up?
    Have a Happy Fourth !!

  3. Wow. I love your blog; the art, the writing, the poetry.
    I found you through the Blog Hop and I am so glad. As a genealogist and historian I look foward to reading more of your work. I'm also sending your link to some history friends who wouldn't find you through the art.
    Thank you.


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