Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Friday: Back to School

Just 24 days left of Summer2010 and then, back to school, but not just school; middle school. Who thinks it’s a good idea for sixth grade to be middle school anyway? Today, we start the back to school shopping ritual; supplies and clothes… but, wait, what’s this… a full page of middle school dress codes; “hems of shorts and skirts must fall below the tip of the middle finger when arms are held straight down to the sides with shoulders in relaxed position … sleeveless tops must have straps at least the width of the index and middle finger combined”. What the what? I am suddenly nostalgic for ABCs and crayons; the simple days of elementary school, so today I offer for your free use in projects, a page from Osgood’s American Primer of 1870. Give the image a click or two to download the hi-res file; easy as ABC.

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  1. I know what you mean about the back-to-school stuff. My daughter goes to an all girls grammar school where there is a constant battle with skirt length (has that not been always the case?!). The problem is the skirts don't come in different lengths so my leggy gal is always getting detention for not having a long enough skirt! Doh! Thanks for the image of the primer - fab.


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