Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Dance of Beauty

Day 10: A Moment of Beauty  #reverb11

 The whispering muse requests your prescience for the dance of beauty occurring at this moment.

Beauty is not fleeting. Our focus is fleeting; our attention to the dance of beauty is fleeting. Beauty is not a moment; it is a movement. We lie in the grassy field of our youth and watch the billowing beauty of clouds moving to the east, waiting for one to resemble a shape we call beauty. The cloud flowers into beauty and fades to background.

The moment a flower reaches its fleeting peak, we cut and keep it, as if we could save the moment when it was perfection. It was always perfection; it was always beautiful; it was we that didn’t notice. The flower moves into focus and fades into background again; it was beauty before, and beauty as background. Before it became flower, before bud, before seed, before soil and water, it was beauty. Beauty is all there is.

 You also are beauty unfaltering. Before you grew to fit the form we call beauty, before you were born, before your parents were born, and even before that; you were beauty. All of that is the dance of beauty. The dance was never born and never dies. Beauty is not fleeting.

From the seed comes the flower;
from the flower comes the seed,
as the circle never-ending;
you and I are this
that always was and always will be.
Inside seed, was always flower;
inside flower, was always seed.
First came not the one, nor the other;
as perfect beauty,
always was, always will be.


  1. Oh my gosh, Michael. This is stunningly georgous. Read this out loud to yourself, and see if it doesn't read like a poem to your ears. It did to mine.

    This is wondeful.

  2. as your words are beauty, as beauty is your words.
    a beautiful dance, deserving of the full moon that shines above it. silvery, delicate, overflowing beauty.

  3. "The dance was never born and never dies." I will be saying this to myself, over and over, as I fall asleep tonight.

  4. I want to print this with me and carry it always! And also to hand it out to every man, woman and child who has ever doubted their own beauty in this very, very superficial society we live in. Bravo.

  5. if this would fit on a tshirt, i would wear it everywhere. beauty here, beauty now. always. and ps - i love it best when the flowers fall to the ground, blossoms under my feet.

  6. I love what mark and Mrs mediocrity said. I second all of it. Beautiful.


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