Monday, December 19, 2011

Shift Happens

Passerines. mixed media from Eggs in Envelopes ~ Michael Douglas Jones

Day 19: Then and Now
What was your life like a decade ago? How has your life changed since then?

Often, in the last days of December, we look back at the crooked path we’ve worn in the ending year, using that same past to plan the future. Weighted down, but ready, we bring our bricks and baggage to pave a perfectly patterned road ahead. Then, as always, the earth shifts, cracks occur, and we start to stumble; yearly, wearily living along another winding path. Shift happens on this planet, I can’t plan it away. I can make scenarios, make contingencies, but I can’t make sure. There is simply no way to chart the changes that come along in a decade, so finally this year, I’m leaving my bricks behind, while I wander a bit. I still have much of my baggage, but I feel lighter already.


A decade ago, I had my first mixed media exhibit, Eggs in Envelopes, which developed out of one of those shifts; the sort that comes out of nowhere, right when you think your road is ready.  That story is here.


  1. "I can make scenarios, make contingencies, but I can’t make sure."

    That is truth. And why it is so important to revel in the journey much less than the destination.

    The bricks that make us stumble are exactly the ones that force us to pay attention.

  2. I so so so like this. I like especially that I found it now, with New Year's so close, and I know I'll be back to read it again and again as I prepare for Jan. 1.


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