Sunday, January 8, 2012

Small Stones

one small stone in a riverbed of stones; day8

Bowl of Stones. oil painting ~ Michael Douglas Jones

At our feet are small stones that glow brighter than summer stars, but only if we see the light inside them. Were we not distracted by the babble and chatter of the cobblestone city, we would walk on stars; the glow rising through our feet to our faces. You would see it in my eyes, as I see it in you. 



  1. Makes me want to stretch out my arms and scream YES! (so beautiful)

  2. methinks you are not distracted. gorgeous. and true.

  3. Not only is this quite true, but it is beautifully said.

  4. a lovely image, twice revealed, once in painting, once in words.
    since i was a child, i have always picked up stones. kept them. collected them. now i know what i have been looking for.

  5. This is an exquisite composition! So simple, so beautiful.


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