Saturday, December 1, 2012

Perhaps Tonight

 How are you starting this last month of 2012?
That Last Day
composite photograph

 Death’s ice hand, scratching at my door front, cracking, tapping, like sleet, on my window glass; that reaper with the raspy whisper, that skeptic with a swindler’s smile, sending missives, and missionaries, to bring me over, to pull me under, to turn me into soil and water. Until dawn, I hear the tapping, of imagination, or memory, hammering my heart in the pitch of winter night. This year of disappointment and death waits for me until the dawn of the last day of this final year. I start this month not knowing.

 Wrapped in oakwood smoke and overwhelm, I rise, in ache, slowly from my pinewood cot; I rise in awe that I am still here as light arrives. I wish for little else.

 December sun is late to rise; just moments into dawning, the turkey vulture takes to his day, seeking the warmer sunlight that reaches the tallest dead oak in view, passing eight hand spans above my head, with wet wings sounding like distant dogs on the ridge. Giving me a knowing nod as he lifts higher, up and away; he waits to clean my bones, but I am not yet ready. Oh, Pensée; they have such patience; perhaps tonight, but not today.


  1. This is shivery, beautiful, haunting and wonderful. Patience is perhaps the hardest of virtues... Only death truly masters it, and perhaps that is not even true. Some are taken too soon. I am so happy to be reading your words again. The vultures know who appreciates their beauty.

  2. Yes indeed...gorgeous. We like the vultures hungrily eat your words as they feed our souls.

  3. This is beautiful imagery, haunting.

    "I rise in awe that I am still here as light arrives. I wish for little else."

    "Perhaps tonight, but not today"

    Words that will remain with me. Thank you.

  4. Magic in motion, haunting and riveting.

  5. i was here last night. i couldn't sleep, it wasn't that late, and i thought i'd visit. i glanced and caught these words "until dawn, I hear the tapping" and knew i should revisit when i was wide awake and my dreams not so easily influenced. this imagery seeps into your soul.


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